your one stop P2E Blockchain Gaming Platform built for both players and game developers.


LevelUp Whitepaper PACatto Litepaper

What is LevelUp Gaming?

LevelUp is a P2E Blockchain Gaming Platform aiming to provide game developers with the capabilities to launch their own P2E blockchain games with ease. No solidity coding is required, simply navigate through our platform and customize your own Tokenomics with just a few clicks.

Players will get access to a library of games powered by both LevelUp and our vetted game developing partnerships. Play your choice of games and get
incentivized with $LVLUP earnings!


Relive the glory days of arcades with PACatto!

PACatto is a family friendly action maze chase P2E genre game. The player guides PACatto through an enclosed maze, who must eat all the tokens while avoiding four crypto ghosts! Eating larger green tokens causes the ghosts to turn blue, allowing PACatto to eat them for bonus points. In return, PACatto will reward you in $LVLUP tokens based on your highscore and token holdings.

Hodl our tokens. Play PACatto. Claim your winnings.
PACatto, where the fun just keeps growing!

Open PACatto
Pacatto Game Screenshot 1
Pacatto Game Screenshot 2
Pacatto Game Screenshot 3

LevelUp Tokenomics

Prize Pool

4% Tax on Buys | 11% Tax on Sells which gets contributed to the P2E Prize Pool.


4% of every transaction is allocated to building Level Up to sustain it's continuous growth.


2% of every transaction is allocated to the liquidity. Fortifying a stable floor price.

LevelUp Token Distribution

  • ADACatto Migration / Airdrops (32m lvlUP)
  • PancakeSwap Liquidity (54m lvlUP)
  • Public Presale (63m lvlUP)
  • Prize Pool (10m lvlUP)





Presale Price

125,000 lvlUp Token per BNB

PancakeSwap Price

125,000 lvlUp Token per BNB

LevelUp Team

We are an international team of 7 highly skilled BSC nerds with the insights of how the BSC world really works.

Like most of you, we’ve seen countless rugs and scams, one after another. We finally said enough is enough and decided it was time to stop gambling on finding the next 100x. We looked around and realized we had all the skills and experience we needed to create our own sustainable token with a real world use case.

The NOSLEEPTEAM’s reputation is known in plenty Crypto Investment Groups (CryptoGemsGroup, NewCoinInfo, ShitcoinFunhouse, TheRuggedClub, SaudiInvestors etc.) We come from around the globe, Canada, USA, Romania, Dubai, and Australia.

1 Developer

ADACatto Developer


  • Solidity Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Server Admin



Vision for LevelUp

To break out of the BSC ponzi cycle, bringing real world value into our project and constantly diversifying.

2 Software QA Engineer

ADACatto Software QA Engineer


  • Jacks of all trades in programming languages
  • Software development and software quality assurance
  • Knowledge of the current trends and latest advancements
  • Interpret Technical and Business Objectives and Challenges
  • Understanding of software QA methodologies, tools, and processes


Nerdy guy, Ex Pro-Gamer & crypto enthusiast. Living life one day at a time.

Vision for LevelUp

To create an unique innovative gaming real world use case.
The very existence of LevelUp in a nutshell.

3 Graphic Designer

ADACatto Graphic Designer


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Drawing and Painting
  • LevelUp Graphics
  • The brainchild of LevelUp Logo


Graphic designer, artist, gamer, anime lover, cryptojunkie.

Vision for LevelUp

The only P2E token I believe in, the only one I need.

4 Executive Creative Director

ADACatto Community Manager


  • Direct creative operations
  • Develop creative campaigns
  • Develop creative branding strategy
  • Produce visual Contents, Videos
  • Graphic, Posters, Whitepaper Design
  • Establish potential Partnerships


Here to hodl, here to troll.

Vision for LevelUp

Be the change you want to see in the world.
In our case, it’s the BSC, building a SAFU sustainable P2E for our community.

5 Operation Coordinator

ADACatto Operation Coordinator


  • Financial planning
  • Business Management
  • Expanding Team Members
  • Excellent Communication Skill
  • Expanding potential Partnerships
  • Reconcile monthly operating budget


Crypto enthusiast online, community organizer, and entrepreneur in the meat space.

Vision for LevelUp

LevelUp will be a truly beneficial P2E token to its community
bringing real value to the BSC.

6 Graphic Designer

ADACatto Graphic Designer


  • Python, JavaScript
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • UI designer
  • Autodesk Maya


Canadian wannabe, artist by formation and coder by hobby.
Fell in love with crypto during the early 2021 boom and have been living and breathing it ever since.

Vision for LevelUp

Bringing fun and trust back to DeFi space!

7 Marketing Executive

ADACatto Marketing Executive


  • Social Media Optimization
  • Good global media network
  • Seasoned Marketing Professional
  • Large digital & OOH advertising experiences
  • Worked with different entities (startups, corporate and government)


Ash with you, the definition of a Geek in the Pink.
Crypto will save the world!

Vision for LevelUp

I believe that we are at the very beginning of the 5th industrial revolution that is
spearheaded by blockchain and crypto. Projects such as LevelUp are here to create
sense of familiarity and increase the tech-adoption. This opens the door to infinite
possibilities only bound by our imagination.

LevelUp Roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the taxes for LevelUp and why did you use these taxes?

Each LevelUp token transaction gets taxed by different Taxes we have in place. The Prize Pool taxes are 8% for each buy and 11% for each sell.

To sustain a continuous development of our platform and all our games, there is a 4% Tax for Development and Marketing.

2% of each transaction gets deducted for our Liquidity Pool to create a stable price floor.

2. Are the taxes going to go change at some point?

At the moment there are no plans to change the taxes we have set. Yet we have the option to adjust all taxes separately according to the market situation if we need to.

3. How much can I earn by playing?

Play to earn up to 5%** of your holdings per day. Capped at $300.
(To celebrate LevelUp’s success, daily earning % has been set to maximum earning rates for the first week. Daily earning % will be adjusted accordingly to volume from 2.5% up to 5%.

4. What is the Presale Price / Price at Launch?

Our Presale Price and Price at Launch are exactly the same – 125k lvlUp Tokens per 1 BNB

5. When will you come up with the next Game?

We have already planned another game and going to release it in Q4 2021.

More Details about our 2nd LevelUp Game will be announced as soon as the Demo is ready.

6. Is it possible for the game to have Scholarship Programs in the future?

We have developed a secured Scholarship System. This feature will be added shortly after launch. Join our telegram chat for the latest news.

7. How does the future of LevelUp look like?

LevelUp plans to diversify its Crypto Gaming Platform with real world use case and strengthen its ecosystem with multiple partnerships. With an estimated projection of more than 10k daily users utilizing our platform, Banner Ads will be integrated to generate additional revenue.

Funds will be re-invested into developing LevelUp and also $LVLUP token. More details will be announced.

8. How can I buy the LevelUp Token?

Our tokens will be available for Presale on the 1st November 2021. Presale will closed once it’s filled. You can also buy $LVLUP on PancakeSwap, if you missed the presale. A step by step video on how to buy will be posted soon.